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Carving Tool Sets

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Sets of first class, high quality tools always make excellent acceptable gifts, examples are illustrated below with a selection of packs to suit most occasions.

The Henry Taylor gift boxed tool sets have been designed to provide the beginner with a series which can be built up progressively to the set of 12 basic tools. There can be benefit in aquiring these tools in sequence as skill develops or to suit the pocket or they can be purchased in full set of 12 tools.

The tools in the series of make-up sets into which the
12 basic tools have been broken down.
All the tools are from our amateur range.

Beginner Wood Carving Set
The Beginner Set
2412 3/8" 10mm Skew chisel
2414 3/16" 5mm Straight gouge
2412 5/16" 8mm Bent gouge
slipstone and booklet

Craftsman Wood Carving Set
The Craftsman Set
The complete set is comprised of the 12 tools listed below, with slipstone for sharpening and booklet containing advice for newcomers to this age old craft.
2411 1/4" 6mm straight chisel 2418 1/4" 6mm Straight gouge
2412 3/8" 10mm Skew chisel 2421 1/16" 2mm Veining tool
2414 3/16" 5mm Straight gouge 2428 5/16" 8mm Bent tool
2415 1/8" 3mm Straight gouge 2431 1/4" 6mm Spoon bit chisel
2415 3/8" 10mm Straight gouge 2437 1/4" 6mm Spoon bit chisel
2416 1/4" 6mm Straight gouge 2449 1/4" 6mm Straight"V" tool
The Starter Set
2412 3/8" 10mm Skew chisel 2414 3/16" 5mm Straight gouge 2428 5/16" 8mm Bent gouge slipstone and booklet
The make-up sets detailed below permit the Beginner or Starter sets to be added to or converted into complete sets as desired:
Make-up Set No.1
2415 3/8" Straight gouge
2431 1/4" Spoon bit chisel
2449 1/4" Straight "V" tool
Make-up Set No.2
2411 1/4" Straight chisel
2418 1/4" Straight gouge
2421 1/162 Veining tool
Make-up Set No.3
2415 1/8" Straight gouge
2416 1/4" Straight gouge
2437 1/4" Spoon bit chisel
Starter Wood Carving Set ""
Supersharp Carving tools selected for delicate and detailed wood carving, linoleum & wood block cutting.
Bent chisel 5/16" (8mm)
Bent Shallow gouge 5/16" (8mm)
Bent skew chisel 3/8" (10mm)
Straight chisel deep gouge 1/8" (3mm) Bent V 1/8" (3mm)
Supersharp Carving Tools ""


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