Henry Taylor Tools  Brands

A background of our three tool ranges

Acorn tools are world renowned and have been made by Henry Taylor Tools since 1834, enhancing the traditional pride and skills of those far off days with the aid of modern technology. Only the best quality steel is used, coupled with advanced heat treatment, to ensure that the finest of cutting edges is not only achieved but also maintained.
Many of the lower quality tools produced elsewhere are made under drop stamps or presses but Henry Taylor believe that only the hand forging method used by the “Acorn” craftsmen can produce the correctly shaped blade, with the best metallurgical qualities.
Only Henry Taylor’s unique combination of traditional skill, individualised production, Sheffield’s best steel, overlaid with the necessary technology, can produce the wide variety of tools with precision of form and excellence of cutting edge demanded by skilled woodcarvers throughout the World.

Diamic brand woodturning tools have been produced in Sheffield by skilled craftsmen, from the finest steel for more than one hundred and seventy five years.

The manufacturer of these tools marries traditional hand crafting and forging skills with modern heat treatment and finishing techniques to give the quality of design, finish and edge retaining properties demanded by woodturners of today.

Stringent control ensures that the best steel is selected. Each tool is carefully forged, correctly hardened and tempered, then hardness-tested to guarantee edge retention.

For many years we have manufactured quality tools for well known companies in the trade. Several years ago we designed our own range as ‘Hamlet Craft Tools‘, this range has been highly successful and is used and recommended by many of the world’s top professional woodturners.

Our aim has been to bring to the market a high quality product at an affordable price to suit both the amateur and professional alike, we believe we have achieved this. We are constantly adding to our range of tools and looking for ways to improve existing ones.
Our range of ASP 2030 & 2060 higher grade High Speed Steel is now very popular and the Heavy Duty Deep Hollowing Tool is said to be one of the best of its kind on the market today.
We provide quality woodworking tools at good value prices and we hope you enjoy using them as much as we do!