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More than 150 years of Craftsmanship
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Henry Taylor Tools Acorn Brand
Henry Taylor Tools Diamic Brand
In  the furnace, after being tanged and bolstered, prior to drawing out to length
The blade being drawn out to size and length under the spring hammer
Hand  forging - a highly skilled process in the traditional manner

High Quality, Long Lasting Woodturning, Wood Carving & Wood Working Tools from Henry Taylor Tools Ltd of Sheffield UK ..

Acorn tools are world renowned and have been made by Henry Taylor Tools since 1834, combining the traditional pride and skills of those far off days with the aids of modern technology. Only the best quality steel is used, coupled with advanced heat treatment, to ensure that the finest of cutting edges is not only achieved but also maintained.

Many of the lower quality tools produced elsewhere are made under drop stamps or presses but Henry Taylor believe that only the hand forging method used by the "Acorn" craftsmen can produce the correctly shaped blade, with the best metallurgical qualities.

Only Henry Taylor's unique combination of traditional skill, individualised production, Sheffield's best steel, overlaid with the necessary technology, can produce the wide variety of tools with precision of form and excellence of cutting edge demanded by skilled woodcarvers throughout the World.

Diamic brand woodturning tools have been produced in Sheffield by skilled craftsmen, from the finest steel for more than one hundred and fifty years. The manufacturer of these tools marries traditional hand crafting and forging skills with modern heat treatment and finishing techniques to give the quality of design, finish and edge retaining properties demanded by woodturners of today. Stringent control ensures that the best steel is selected. Each tool is carefully forged, correctly hardened and tempered, then hardness-tested to guarantee edge retention.

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NEW PRODUCTS! Multi-Handle, 'Little Sister' Mini Hollowing Tool, Jason Breach Box Making Tools, Decorating Elf, Brother System 2 Deep Hollowing Tool and more, on our NEW PRODUCTS page - from there you can also view the Beginners Carving Video: CT5 Relief Carving Chisel Set + Project

Many of our tools are designed in co-operation with world leading woodturners - new additions online here are William Hudson, Tracy Owen plus Mike Mahoney and Cindy Drozda.
Also Roy Child, Dale & Darrel Nish, Richard Raffan, Rude Osolnik, Kip Christensen, Bonnie Klein, Ray Key and Rudolph Dercks.

New Products including Jason Breach Box Making Tools, Decorating Elf and Brother System 2 Deep Hollowing tool ..

View Traditional Wood Carving Tools in Production .. below:

Final blade  shaping - willow twigs, a natural shock absorber, hold the punch
Wet grinding operations giving an individual profile to every blade
The blade receiving its final polish and finish
Testing the finished blade for hardness
Meticulous inspection maintains the Henry Taylor reputation - quality and reliability